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Message from Community Relations Office (CRO)

The North Hollywood Area Community Relations Office, in conjunction with the newly formed

Community Relationship Division has been out walking foot beats with the North Hollywood

Cadets. The purpose of these foot beats is to enhance communication between the police and the community and to provide a high visibility presence in areas throughout North Hollywood. When you see these Officers and Cadets out walking around North Hollywood during these details, come over and say hello. Please remember that we are your Police Department and we value any opportunity to work the all members of the Community.

As a reminder, the North Hollywood Division is continually recruiting for the Cadet program. The Cadet program is for all those age 13 to 20 who have a desire to better themselves. The Cadet program is a leadership and mentoring program that helps teach teamwork, communication skills, responsibility, and other skills that can help the youth of the community develop into the future leaders that we all know they can be. If you would like more information on the LAPD Cadet program or the Jeopardy program, please call the Community Relations Office at (818) 754-8470.

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