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Accomplishments for Our Officers
Accomplishments for Our Jeopardy Program
Painting Briefing Room-
Paint Purchased by PALS and CPAB Volunteers painted the room.
Baker to Vegas Race-
PALS Funded 20 officer team to compete in this highly competitive and presitgous event.
Hosted LAPD Superviser Meeting at Station-
Sponosred Range Fees -
PALS Sponsred the range fees for all officers as part of their annual testing.
Sponsored Narcotic Officers-
Sponsored our Narcotic Team to a sponsored seminar on learning how to detect and best practices for dealing withthe growing problem of Metch labs in our division.
Refresh Station Cot Room-
PALS provided fundign for new mattresses for the COT Room.

Accomplishments for Our Community
Large 50" Screen TV-
Allows dispatch to visually and quickly locate deployed resources.
Sponsored Clergy Council Meeting-
Sponsored LAPD Annual Award Luncheon-
Sponsored Community Luncheon for Suburst Academy-
Accomplishments for Our Cadets
Sponsored Pizza and Ice Cream-
Social event for Cadets and Jeapordy yout at station with PALS Board.


Donated Wireless Router for Youth Program-
Provided seeds and soil for Garden-
Rick Crevier Memorial Garden refresh and new seeds and soil.
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