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Recent Acquisitions:

• Rewarded deserving six Jeopardy Students who have improved on their school performance with a trip to the Hollywood Hayride at Griffith Park.


• Provided meals for 50 officers assigned to mandatory training for arrest and control.


• "Z-Ram" bar to help breach fortified doors. Makes quick work of entry for Special Problems Unit.


• GPS tracker for automobiles. Helps track vehicles under surveilance.


• GPS tracker for bicycles. Bike thefts are one of the most common property crimes in the East Valley.


• Purchase new mid-value bicycle to be equipped with GPS tracker and used as a bait vehicle for opportunistic theives.


• Authorized the design and printing of promotional LAPD Badge stickers to be handed out by officers to children inthe community as a goodwill gesture and token of kindness to all children, some of whom have been taught some negative sterotypes about police officers. Stickers to be passed out in schools, at fairs, and other community events.


• Established quarterly meetings. Open to the public. Enhanced the profile of the North Hollywood Division of the LAPD and PALS, created an environment to open up the communication and build relationships with community members who had no prior experience with the LAPD, created a system of recognition and reward for Officers of the Quarter to be put forth in a public setting.

• Enhanced working relationship with the Senior Lead Officers: PALS E-Board members took part in ride-longs to get better acquainted with the Officers and the Division demographics, educate all re the mission of PALS and met key community members.
• Established a presence through membership of the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce. This resulted in new members for PALS, attendees at our event and was good PR/Outreach for Officers as well.

• Hosted outstanding Officer Appreciation BBQ – Great food, well attended.
Hosted Totally 80’s Event – Very profitable, lots of fun and was a party that attracted Officers, Officer Spouses and Community supporters.


• Hosted the North Hollywood Pro-AM – GOLF DAY PALS paid 50% of golf fees for any Officer who wanted to attend and also provided great prize giveaways for the day.

• The Rick Crivier Memorial

• The Conor Lynch 5K – PALS funded the North Hollywood Division Officers and Cadets

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